Tuesday, 11 April 2017



Number 1 * D day makes u inclined towards hospitality n u will prove a good host to ur guests.U might have some unexpected guests from abroad too.Fine day for moving to foreign lands for higher management studies.U should be extra careful in driving n also avoid involvement in ego rifts.

Number 2 * D day keeps u energetic n fresh throughout,in spite of being a hectic day for u.U will like to entertain guests n kids.D day is outstanding for sending cultural delegation abroad n for moving for job n higher technical n management studies to foreign lands. Exporters n dealers of diamonds,music albums,yoga n reiki videos ,cement,gold,petrol will be gaining extra profits today.U will enjoy assertive status n enhanced social prestige.

Number 3 * D day gives u upper hand in professional n domestic field n u will command greater social respect today.Ur opinions will be valued.But u might face some tension today due to some unwanted guests or due to impediment in admission of ur child in foreign university.try to tackle d situations with a composed mind n u will be able to manage some solution. Greater profit yielding day for deal of petrol,diamonds,mustard oil n domestic utility items.U will have spiritual inclination of mind.

Number 4 * Strictly avoid indulgence in ego rifts n be more cautious in driving too.Don't mix drink n drive.try to follow policy of co operation wid ur seniors n elders.D day is fine for psycho analysts n pediatricians ,music composers n yoga trainers.

Number 5 * Attend to ur intuitive mind today n u will arrive at proper decisions.Also make full use of ur calculative ability for expansion of business n long term business plannings.Fine day for physiotherapists, pediatricians,chartered accountants.

Number 6 * D day makes u inclined towards renovation of ur home n office n u will spend for comfort of ur family.U will also manage some time for academic n literary pursuits.Ur social circle will widen today.

Number 7 * D day makes inclined towards assuming domestic liabilities n u will have a greater say in family matters n in professional field too.Fine day for deal n export of petrol,diamond,gold n domestic utility items.Ur interest in religion will be keener today.

Number 8 * D day makes u inclined towards study of occult sciences n religion n philosophy. Chances are bright for pilgrimage. U will have an assertive status in domestic as well as professional field.

Number 9 * U will willingly like to assume domestic n professional liabilities.But some unexpected guests or some unpleasant news of ur kids settled abroad might cause worry to u. Some impediment is likely in travel abroad.