Tuesday, 11 April 2017



Number 1 * D day does not bring any specific change in ur situation today.Just focus on daily routine n relax.D day is smooth sailing overall.

Number 2 * D day enhances ur interest in domestic affairs;professional inteests will also ripen.Some loss is likely to occur due to heat n fire.Also,avoid initiating any judicial cases pertaining to property.

Number 3 * D day boosts ur social say n u wll enjoy assertive status.Army personel wil get posting to desired place today n performance of judiciary will be outstanding.Profitable day for deal of property n gold,arms n ammunition.

Number 4 * D day is fine for innovations,experiments n for introducing new policies in administrative field.Fine day for getting ur products patented.

Number 5 * Retain a strict check on temper n avoid involvement in heated discussions.Don't move property today.D day is fine for administrative n leadership pursuits.

Number 6 * U will feel more inclined towards ur family n will spend on comfort of very family.Interior decoration of ur home n office will be more attention seeking u u will drive pleasure out of it.

Number 7 * Don't involve urself in heated discussions n arguements n guard against losses likely to occur due to heat n fire.u might get negative results of judicial cases pertaining to property.

Number 8 * U will develop a keen interest in spiritual pursuits n chances are bright for piligrimage.Defence n judicial services will be more comfortable today.dealers of arms n ammunition n mutli colored land related products will earn considerably well today.

Number 9 * U will feel inclined towards study of religion n philosophy today n will be able to manage sometime for yoga n medtitative discourses.dealers of furnishings,land related yields n multi colored garments will be earn better today.Some long pending judicial case will give u positive results today.Spiritual mentors n photo journalists will earn name today.Dealers of arms n ammunition n fuel will have grter profit fetching day.