Tuesday, 22 May 2018



Kids landing on the stage of world today are bestowed with Birth Number 6 and Luck Number 4

Persons born on 24th of any month are extremely magnetic, unyielding and are very determined in carrying out their plans, have aesthetic taste, are fond of rich colors, glamour, painting, music and have a love for literature and lead a luxurious or at least a very comfortable life.They are good at parenting and household responsibilities.

Since,their Birth Number 6 is derived by adding Number 2 and 4,they also enjoy basic traits of Number 2 and four,but traits of Number 6 are more dominant in them.

Persons bestowed with Luck number 4 are destined to assume responsibilities willingly in an independent capacity and perform off beat. They gain grounds on dint of intellectual ability and innovative thinking, but sometimes face defamation too.

First year of their life in neutral n Calendar  year 2018 fetches many favours and significant change in their status.

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Inclination towards entertainment and creativity will be keener today, though due to some financial limitations, you might not be able to spend lavishly. #Fashion and glamour world#film producers, dealers of gold, ethnic jewellery and property will be more comfortable today. Be more mindful in driving.

Persons endowed with #Birth Number 6 and #Luck Number 6, 4 and 3 will be in more favourable status today.

Lucky colour for the day are chocolaty, milky white and golden yellow.




NUMBER 1,10,19,28
Ur progress might be slackened today due to limited financial resources at ur hand.D day is neutral for u overall, provided u manage to avoid defamatory factors n maintain cordial relations wid ur spouse.Don't take financial risk today.

NUMBER 2,11,20,29
D day is fine for personal grooming n beauty care.U will also feel like re decoring ur house n work place.Profit yielding day for deal of art wares, ethnic wears,brown colored objects n cosmetics.But guard against losses likely to occur due to heat, fire n involvement in heated discussions.

NUMBER 3,12,31,30
D day is fine for domestic,academic n property pursuits,architecture n vastu consultancy n for social services.But investments in new projects will be dicey today, so postpone it today.U might feel lack of cordiality in ur relations wid spouse today.

NUMBER 4,13,22,31
Maintain a dignified gap from gossipers today n don't ignore sentiments of ur spouse .Stop urself from extravagance.D day is fine for leadership, charity.Ur administrative policies will be initially met wid contradictions, but will be accepted by n by.

NUMBER 5,14,23
Personal efforts won't fetch any noteworthy change in ur status today.Due to favour of luck,d day is fine for administrative pursuits n outshining in ur group.U will like to introduce some new techniques n plans today n will be in a position to convince others.

NUMBER 6,15,24
U will enjoy sound financial n social status today.D day is fine for interior decorators, designers, models, beauticians n trend setters in fashion n glamour world.Art criticism ,carving wid gold work on camel hide will be profit yielding today.D day is fine for deal of coffee, chocolates n cosmetics.

NUMBER 7,16,25
U will lavishly spend for personal grooming n for enhancing comfort level of ur near n dear ones.The day is fine for fashion n glamour world, trend setters n models,dealers of brown colored objects n leather accessories.Deal of gold n domestic utility items will be profitable today.

NUMBER 8,17,26
D day is fine for successful discharge of ur domestic n professional responsibilities.Property dealers,architects, vastu consultants will be in profitable situation today.But strictly avoid indulgence in ego rifts.

NUMBER 9,18,27
Avoid involving urself in conflicting situations wid ur spouse.Avoid monetary transactions too.Don't lend or borrow money.D day is fine for domestic n academic pursuits.Literary circle might widen today.

These are generalized daily predictions based on ur birth number n luck number.For personalized predictions,ur running month n year also is to be considered.



अंक ज्योतिष के आधार पर आपका भविष्यफल दिनांक 24/5/2018

अंक ज्योतिष के आधार पर आपका भविष्यफल दिनांक 24/5/2018

अंक १,१०,१९,२८ 
आज दिखावे के चक्कर मैं आप अनावश्यक खर्च कर डालेंगे/इस वजह से आपकी  जीवनसाथी से भी कलह हो सकती है/आज कोई नव निवेश भी न करें/कुछ लोग आपकी बुराई कर सकते हैं,अनदेखा अन सुना के दीजिये/अपने सम्बन्ध भावनाओं की बजाय विचारों पर केन्द्रित कीजिये/
अंक २,११,२०,२९ 
आज  आपका रुझान गृह सज्जा मैं रहेगा/सुख सुविधा पर खर्च होगा/आज का दिन काफी  चोकोलाटेस,कॉस्मेटिक्स,चर्म उत्पादों के विक्रय के लिए अनुकूल है/आज गुस्से पर काबू रखिये  व् विवादास्पद मामलों से भी दूर रहिये/
अंक ३,१२,२१,३० 
आज आप घर परिवार व् व्यवसाय की ज़िम्म्देदारियाँ अच्छी तरह से निभा पाएंगे/साहितियिक अभिरुचि भी विकसित होगी/आज सम्पति व् सोने मैं निवेश के लिए अच्छा  दिन है/आज कुछ लोग आपके विरुद्ध आवाज़ उठाएंगे,परन्तु आप धैर्यपूर्वक अपनी बात मनवा पाएंगे/
अंक ४,१३,२२,३१ 
आज का दिन प्रशासनिक नवाचार  के लिए उत्तम है/आज आपकी नीतियों को समर्थन प्राप्त होगा/नेतृत्व की प्रवृति भी विकसित होगी/दुग्ध उत्पादों व् सफ़ेद रंग की वस्तुओं मैं निवेश फायदा देगा/
अंक ५,१४,२३ 
आज सम्पति निवेश व् गृह ऋण लेने देने के लिया अच्छा दिन है.साहितियिक अभिरुचियों के लिए भी समय निकाल पाएंगे/सोने व् सुनहरी वस्तुओं मैं निवेश लाभ देगा/घर परिवार व् व्यवसाय की जिम्मेदारियां सुचारू रूप से निभ  पाएंगी/
अंक ६,१५,२४ 
आज सहचर से आपके सम्बन्ध मधुर रहेंगे व आप उसकी भावनाओं की कद्र करेंगे/पारिवारिक सुख सुविधा व् व्यक्तिगत रख रखाव हेतु  सहर्ष व्यय करेंगे/आंतरिक सज्जाकार,वास्तु शास्त्री, भवन निर्माता/सोने व् कलात्मक गहनों के निवेशक अच्छा लाभ प्राप्त करेंगे/
अंक ७,१६,२५ 
आज कलात्मक प्रवृति उभेरगी  व् आप इसके लिए समय भी निकाल पाएंगे/फैशन व् ग्लेमर वर्ल्ड से जुड़े लोगों ,भवन निर्माताओं, वास्तुविदों व् आंतरिक सज्जाकारों के लिए लाभप्रद दिन है/साहित्यिक अभिरुचियों के लिए भी समय दे पाएंगे/
अंक ८,१७,२६ 
आज प्रशासनिक मतभेदों से आपको पेरशानी का सामना के पड़ सकता है/अहम पर भी नियंत्रण रखिये/छोटी छोटी बातों पर उलझने से आप लोगों को अपना विरोधी बना लेंगे/सचेत रहिये/आज का दिन सम्पति व् सोने मैं निवेश के लिए अच्छा है/आज धर्म
व् दर्शनशास्त्र के गहन अध्ययन मैं रूचि रहेगी/
 अंक ९,१८,२७ 
आज किसी प्रकार का आर्थिक नव निवेश न करें/किसी को भी उधार न लें,न दे/अपने जीवन साथी की भावनाओं को अनदेखा न करें/साहित्यिक क्रिया कलापों व् भवन निर्माण,धर्म प्रचार के लिए अच्छा दिन है/
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उपरोक्त अंक गणना आपके जन्मांक व् भाग्यांक पर आधारित सामान्य भविष्यफल है/गहन व्यक्तिगत भविष्य फल जानने के लिए,आपके जनम के माह व् वर्ष की तत्काल अवस्था को भी ध्यान मैं रखना आवश्यक है/

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Monday, 21 May 2018

Basic Course In Numerology

Basic Course In Numerology
Numerology is a predictive science based on study of Divine Numbers 1 to 9 and their corresponding influence on an individual's life. It is flourishing day by day on global level. Irrespective of language, religion and geographical boundaries, it is gaining wide recognition. Numerology is the study of numbers and their determining influence on one’s life. Numbers are the prime causes, which create, reform, rejuvenate and reshape the trend of life. They start producing their impact on your life right from the moment of the birth and will continue to influence throughout the life. All the nine planets are assigned with numerical value from 1 to 9 and govern the whole universe.
The basic course in Numerology aims at providing you insight into Numbers; how to utilize positive numbers in your life and how to avoid negative numbers and how to manipulate numbers for better adjustment in all walks of life.
The Course will include
Basis Insight into Numerology : How Numbers impact our life.
Basic insight to Divine Numbers 1 to 9.( One Number will be discussed in each session)
How to calculate your Birth Number and Luck Number
Personality grooming on basis of Numbers
.Career orientation on basis of Numerology
.Social Attributes on basis of Numerology.
What type of Life mate you will be.
Motherhood Traits.
Your Lucky Colours.
Investment tips.
Your Lucky Days and dates
Your favourable and unfavourable Numbers.
Health Issues and diet on basis of Numerology.
The Fees for the course will be INR 21,000/- only.
You will have 21 sessions overall. You can attend the class in person or online. Those who opt for online lessons,will be sent study material online and can discuss the chapters once a week,in case any clarity or explanation is needed.
Rajni Chhabra
Senior Numerologist (Practising since 1989)
Author of three books on Numerology
P.S. For Registration contact on 09538695141 or mail details to rajni.numerologist@gmail.com.



Domestic and professional liabilities will seek most of your time, but you will be able to manage sometime for socializing and outings or pleasure trips abroad. Fine day for dealers of# gold and ethnic jewellery,  tourism sector and for event management.

Persons endowed with# Birth Number 5 and those having #Luck Number  5, 3, 2 and 7 will be more comfortable today.

Lucky colors for the day are silvery grey , electric blue, golden yellow and off white




Kids landing on the stage of world today are bestowed with Birth Number 5 and Luck Number 3

Persons born on Number 5 are quick in thoughts and decisions and impulsive in their actions and have keen sense of making money by inventions and new ideas and are generally willing to take risk in all they undertake and have a calculative mind, have a deep sense of rhythm, music, dance. They travel a lot and especially foreign tours suit them better.

Since,their Birth Number is derived by adding component numbers 2 and 3,they will enjoy basic traits of number 2 and 3 as well, but traits of Number 5 will be more dominant.

Individuals bestowed with Luck number 3 are destined to assume responsibility and command the situation on dint of dedication and intellect.

First year of their life is favourable for them and Calendar Year 2018 fetches many special change in their status; it is a favourable year.

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