Saturday, 8 April 2017



Number 1 * D day is fine for administrative command,although some defamatory elements will try to spoil ur image.mTry to maintain a gap from gossip mongers.D day is favourable for tourism n hospitality services,artists n dealers of silver n ethinic jewellery.D day is dicey on economic front;don't invest in shares n lotteries.

Number 2 * D day brings u name n gains.Ur social n financial status will be better today.Fashion n glamour world,art critics,artists,movie producers ,sexologists will manage to establish their distinct identity today.Dealers n exporters of chocolates,coffee,tobacco,leather accessories,cosmetics n handicrafts ,silver n ethinic jewelery will be in booms today.

Number 3 * D day is fine for giving flight to ur imagination n for following aesthetic n creative pursuits.Organize n enjoy picnics n otings.D day is risky for initiating invetments.Some defamation is also likely today. Ur relations wid spouse won't be very pleasing .

Number 4 * Avoid indulgence in administrative rifts n endeavour to follow policy of co ordination.Don't invest in white objects today..Control extravagance n don't spend just to make a show off of ur riches.

Number 5 * Chances are bright for foeign administrative tours n for having fan following in social service n leadership pursuits.Export of white colored objects n dairy products will be profit yielding .

Number 6 * Today, u will devote sometime for personal grooming n will spend on luxuries too.Outstanding day for fashion n glamour world,designers, art critics n dealers of paintings ,handicrafts n brown colored objects.D day enhances ur financial status.

Number 7 * D day is fine for following aesthetic n creative activities n for organizing fashion shows n art exhibitions.Grter profit fetching day for deal of silver,ethinic jewelery,cosmetics n leather accessories.U will spend on beauty care n luxeries today.

Number 8 * Avoid indulgence in administrative clashes n try to adjust wid ur seniors n elders.Just focus on daily routine n relax.Don't invest in white colored objects.Assure purity of milk products before consuming.

Number 9 * Some defamatory elements might disturb ur mood today.U will also feel lack of warmth in ur relations wid ur spouse.Just try to retain a composed mind.Someone dear to u is likely to part wid u today for a couple of days.