Saturday, 8 April 2017



Number 1 * D day is hectic for u.U will be attending lots of guests today n planning events too.Fne day for moving abroad for job n higher studies.D day boosts ur urge for social n political concern issues n charity.Deal n export of white n grey colored objects will be more paying today.

Number 2 * Retain a hold on ur temper n don't indulge in heated discussions.Don't initiate any legal cases related to property n its transfer.D day is fine for dermetologists,pediatricians,psycho analysts,exporters of cement,mercury,ash,music videos n sports material.

Number 3 * Ur professional n domestic liabilities will be discharged in an influential way.D day favours defence services today.U will have spiritual inclinattion of mind n meditative temperament.But some worry related to ur kids n due to some unexpected guests might cause u tension.Some impediment is likely in foeign travels.

Number 4 * Avoid heated arguements wid ur seniors n elders.Endeavour to retain a composed mind.Fine day for foreign administrative tours n for sending cultural delegations abroad.

Number 5 * Make maximum use of ur calculative ability for business plans n for expansion of business.Utilize ur boon of intuition for making decisions related to ur kids.Avoid heated arguements wid ur seniors n elders.

Number 6 * Retain a check on temper n endeavour to maintain a cool n composed mind.U might suffer today due to some skin problem, blood related problem or fever.Also,postpone investment n property.

Number 7 * Try to retain a cool n balanced mind n don't involve urself in discusions.Some old blood related problem or skin problem, fever might make u suffer today.Also postpone transfer of property today.Fine day for event managers n exporters.

Number 8 * Avoid indulgence in ego conflicts n try to follow policy of co ordination.U will feel inclined towards study of religion n philosophy today.Fine day for meditation n photo journalism.

Number 9 * D day fetches u assertive status n spiritual inclination of mond too.D day is favourable for defence n judicial services.Dealers of furnishings,multi colored items n land related yeilds,arms n ammunition will fetch considerable gains.But don't put money in circulation n avoid mobility too.