Sunday, 9 April 2017



Number 1 * D day is fine for tourism,aviation,voyaging n marine adventures n sea trading.Ur aesthetic sense willbe more keen n u will devote time to creative pursuits.Translators,linguists n tourist guides will manage their distinct identity in respective fieldes.Deal n export of silver n pearls will be more profit fetching today.

Number 2 * D day boosts ur instinct for imagination n creative actvities;ine day for media,artists,translators,designers.U will have to be more careful for ur health n diet.Some water borne infection could be troublesome for u.U might get some negative result of long pending judicial case related to property.

Number 3 * D day is fine for giving wider wings to ur imagination n u will love to spend time in creative pursuits.Fine day for aviation n shipping sector.Merchant navy ,mariners,traders of sea related yields n silver will be more comfortable today.U will like t0 study psychiatry n reilgion.

Number 4 * D day keeps u fresh n energetic.U will love to participate in picnics,outings n maine adventures.Dealn export of silver,pearls,fish n corals will be more profit yielding today.

Number 5 * Avoid involvement in heated discussions n guard against losses likely to occur due to heat n fire.Don't move propert today.Just focus on ur daily routine wid a cool n composed mind.

Number 6 * D day does not promise any significant change in ur status.just focus on daily chores wid a cool mind.don't invest in property today.Some loss might occur due to heat,fire or hasty decisions.

Number 7 * D day makes u inclined towards study of reilgion n psychology.U will be inclined towards religious pursuits too.Favourable day for marine trainers,voyagers n exporters of silver n pearls.U must endeavour to keep a cool mind.

Number 8 * D day makes u inclined towards spiritualism n religious propagation.Chances are bright for piligrimage.Defence n judiciary will be more comfortable today.Make long term investments in property.

Number 9 * D day gives u enhanced say in domestic as well as professional field.Developers,agriculturists,fuel dealers, dealers of arms n ammunition will be better earners today.Spiritual activities will be ur preference.