Wednesday, 12 April 2017



Number 1 * D day boosts ur urge for leadership n charity pursuits.U will love to entertain guests n kids.D day is outstanding for foreign administrative services n for moving abroad for higher technical n management education.Deal n export of cement,mercury n dairy products will be be extra gainful today.Some defamation is likely ;maintain a dignified gap from gossip mongers.

Number 2 * D day keeps u energetic n fresh n boosts ur creative n aesthetic skills.Fine day for tourism n hospitality services,fashion n glamour world,movie producers,yoga trainers,ethinic jewelers,sexologists n cosmeticians n beauticians.U will expand ur business n exporters will earn better today.D day gives u sound financial status n reputation.

Number 3 * U might suffer some financial loss today n work will be also impeded due to lack of financial resources.Some defamatory elements might cause of tension n anxiety.Endeavour to retain a cool n composed mind.

Number 4 * Don't indulge in administrative conflicts today n retain a check on ur ego.Some defamation n monetary loss in likely today.U might feel lack of cordiality in ur relations wid spouse.But ur kids will be very pleased wid u today,especially coz u will manage time for their outings.

Number 5 * Utilize ur intuitive n calculative mind n u will arrive at proper decisions.make plans to expand ur business in foreign lands.Export of yoga n reiki viseos,music albums,cement,mecury n ash will pay u better today.Favourable day for pediatricians,psycho analysts,physiotherapists n music composers,motor driving schools n karate trainers.

Number 6 * D day bring u fame n gains.Ur financial status will be sound.Models,designers,movie producers,artists, gift centre owners,art gallery owners ,ethinic jewelers will have outstanding business today.

Number 7 * D day boosts ur creative n aesthetic skills n keeps u gresh n energetic,although u will be having a very busy schedule.Gainful n promising day for artists, film producers, art critics,exporters of cement,ash,music videos,ethinic jewelery.

Number 8 * Strictly avoid indulgence in administrative rifts n try to understand viewpoint of ur seniors n elders.Arguements will lead u to trouble only.Just focus on daily routine wid a cool n composed mind.

Number 9 * Someone dear to u might part wid today for moving to foreign lands.Try to retain a composed mind n devote some time to meditative pursuits.D day is dicey on economic front too.