Wednesday, 12 April 2017



Number 1 * The day is not pleasant for u.Avoid,ego conflicts. Endeavour maintain a dignified gap from gossipers n avoid initiation of financial ventures today.Drive carefully.U might get some benefit from foreign links today.

Number 2 * The day fetches u assertive status n enhanced social prestige,alongwid more sound financial status.The day is fine for fashion n glamour world,media,journalists,builders,transporters,automobile owners,tourism,recreation,cosmetic surgery n for deal of chocolates,cosmetics n leather goods.U will enjoy spiritual inclination of mind.

Number 3 * The day brings u in assertive n stable position,fine for academic n domestic pursuits,favours builders,architects,printers,transporters,spiriual mentors,deal of oil,iron n petrol;but avoid defamatory elements n don't initiate investments today.Some problem related to mobility of ur kid might be upsetting for u.

Number 4 * Avoid indulgence in ego conflicts n try to understand viewpoint of ur elders.Be morecareful in driving too.D day is favourable for exporters n event managers n for utilizing ur foreign links.

Number 5 * The day is fine for event management n domestic pursuits,but be cautious in driving n avoid indulgence in ego conflicts too.Attend to ur intuitions n fully rely on ur calculative skills too.

Number 6 * Personal efforts won't fetch any remarkable change in ur status,but luck will favour u.The day is fine for fashion n glamour world,designers,jewellers,dealers of cosmetics,leather goods,chocolates n brown colored objects,ethinic wears n artwares.

Number 7 * U wil enjoy an assertive status today n ur opinions will matter.The day is fine for cosmetic surgery,beauty care,recreation, tourism,designers n jewellers,dealers of diamonds,oil,iron n petrol,brown colored items,chocolatrs,cosmetics n leather goods.

Number 8 * The day enhances ur interest in religion,vastu consultancy n future telling. Fine for printers n road construction works,automobile dealers,deal of black colored items,diamonds,oil,iron n petrol;favours builders n architects.

Number 9 * Avoid indulgence in gossips,try to maintain gud relations wid ur spouse.However,the day is fine for media,builders,architects,spiritual mentors n transporters.