Wednesday, 12 April 2017



Number 1 * The day is fine for leadership,event management,administrative pursuits,adminstrative trips ,deal of white colored objects n dairy products,fine for mobilty,hotel,tourism,shipping sector n merchant navy.Avoid initiation ff investments today in new projects.Some defamation is also likely today.

Number 2 * The day is neutral for ur personal attainments,but luck fetches u sound financial status.Ur aesthetic sense will be keener today.Guard against water generated infections toda n assure purity of drinking water.

Number 3 * D day does not fetch any markworthy change in ur status due to ur personal efforts,but luck might favour u a bit.D day is dicey on economic front.Don't put money at all in shares n lotteries.

Number 4 * Avoid indulgence in administrative rifts n ego conflicts.Some defamation is likely today.U will badly miss someone who is dear to u ,but away from u right now.Merchant navy,shipping sector,dealers of silver n pearls will gain better today.

Number 5 * Ur administrative calibre might gain u some name n gains today.Administrative officials abroad will manage to establish their identity.Dealers of milk products n white colored objects will gain better.

Number 6 * The day is neutral,having no remarkable change resulting from ur personal efforts,but luck will fetch u some sudden financial gain.Favourable for fashion n glamour world,dealers of cosmetics,ethinic jewelery n leather accessories,

Number 7 * The day is neutral for personal attainments,but luck favours u n fetches u some sudden gains.Fine day for fashion n glamour world,shipping sector,merchant navy,cruises,dealers of silver,pearls n other sea related yields n brown colored objects.

Number 8 * The day is neutral, provided u avoid ego conflicts.Care for viewpoint of ur seniors n elders.Assure purity of milk products before consuming.

Number 9 * The day is neutral overall, but avoid mobilty n anxiety n retain a composed mind.Don't lend or borrow today n manage wid ur resources only.Try to maintain a dignified gap from gossip mongers.