Wednesday, 12 April 2017



Number 1 * The day is fine for aviation,mobility,hotel n tourism,aesthetic pursuits,deal of silver n artwares;but avoid indulgence in ego conflicts n don't try to be over-dominative.Be more cautious in driving too.

Number 2 * The day is fine for assertion n favours hotel,tourism,aviation industry,transporters,media,builders,architects,dealers of silver,diamonds,artwares,oil,iron,petrol,automobiles.U will have spiritual inclination today.

Number 3 * The day is fine for attainment of ur professional,domestic n social goals.Tourist guides,poets,translators,artists,media,printers,builders,architects,automobile business,deal of silver,diamonds,surgical instruements,oil,iron,petrol,black colored objects n for road construction.u will have assertive position,alongwid added social say.The day is fine for research in occult sciences,philosophy n religion.

Number 4 * The day is fine for following creative n aesthetic pursuits,fine for deal of silver n artwares,designing n aesthetis pursuits,favours hotel,tourism n aviation industry. Avoid indugence in ego conflicts n be careful in driving too.Endeavour to seek blessings of ur elders.

Number 5 * The day is neutral, provided u drive carefully n avoid indulgence in ego conflicts today.Keep a check on ur mercury mind n try to understand n appreciate solemm thoughts of ur elders.

Number 6 * The day is smooth sailing for u,widourt any specific change in ur status/Just focus on routine n relax.Enjoy d petty joys dat d day fetches for u.

Number 7 * Avoid travel by air today,some air borne disease may also trouble u today.However,the day is fine for transporters,builders,architects,automobile business n deal of oil,iron n petrol ,diamonds,n black colored objects n surgical instruements.U will enjoy spiritual inclination of mind.

Number 8 * The day adds to ur social say n u will enjoy an assertive status. Fine for research in philosophy,religion n occult sciences,deal of oil,iron n petrol,favours,builders,architects,surgeons,transporters,media n brings u in stable position.

Number 9 * The day fetches u dominating status n grter social say. Fine for transporters,automobile dealers, journalists,printers,builders,architects n dealers of oil,iron n petrol