Tuesday, 6 June 2017


NUMBER 1,10,19,28
The day is neutral,provided u drive carefully n avoid indulgence in ego conflicts.Some defamation is likely today.Well plan your wallet today to avoid extravagance.Care for feelings of your elders.Try to follow policy of co ordination.

NUMBER 2,11,20,29
The day fetches u assertive status n sound financial position. Fine for media,property pursuits,study of religion,occult sciences,philosophy,favours for domestic n academic pursuits,builders n architects,road construction works,printers,iron foundry works,automobile business,transporters,dealers of oil.iron n petrol,gold n golden objects n brings u stability.

NUMBER 3,12,21,30
The day is fine for academic,domestic n property pursuits,deal of gold n golden objects,oil,iron,petrol,automobiles,printing,deal of printing ink,coal, road construction, building n architecture,iron foundry works n domestic utility appliances.The day brings u greater stability n social say.

NUMBER 4,13,22,31
Be careful in driving today n avoid indulgence in ego conflicts n disputes. Endeavour to follow policy of co ordination n pay due regards to ur elders n seniors.U might feel lack of cordiality in your relations wid spouse.

NUMBER 5,14,23
The day is fine for domestic ,academic n property pursuits,deal of gold,golden n domestic appliances;but be careful in driving n avoid ego conflicts too.

NUMBER 6,15,24
The day is neutral for ur personal attainments,but luck will fetch u some favours. Fine for fashion n glamour related activities,interior decoration,deal of gold,golden objects n domestic utility items.

NUMBER 7,16,25
The day is favourable for builders,architects,iron foundry works,media,printers,academicians,study of occult sciences,philosophy,religion,deal of oil,iron n petrol,domestic appliances,printing ink.

NUMBER 8,17,26
The day sharpens ur spiritual inclination of mind.Fine for journalists,scholars,academics,property n domestic issues,deal of gold,golden objects,oil,iron,petrol,automobiles,iron and surgical instruments; fine for printers,builders,architects,road construction works;u will have greater stability n social say today.

NUMBER 9,18,27

The day is fine for domestic,academic,property pursuits,deal of gold n golden objects,automobiles,interior decoration n furnishings,domestic utility items,road construction,architecture n fine for study pf philosophy,occult sciences n spiritual pursuits.