Thursday, 11 May 2017



Number 1 * The day is neutral,provided u avoid indulgence in ego.Be more careful in driving too.In spite of some ego rifts wid ur seniors, u wil have ur way n ur intellectual ability will be ur asset in convincing others.

Number 2 * Ur personal efforts won't fetch any markworthy change in ur status today,but luck will fetch u some favours n u will have an assertive status .The day is fine for media,printers,architects,builders,spiritual mentors,dealers of oil,iron npetrol,favours for self assertion n stability.

Number 3 * Ur personal efforts won't cause any markworthy change in ur status.The day is fine deal of oil,iron,petrol,iron smithery n foundary works,media,printers,study of occult sciences,philosophy n religion;the day brings u in stable n assertive position.

Number 4 * The day is favourable for applying ur innovative n calculative mind for investments n event management,leadership n innovations in administrative field;,but strictly avoid indulgence in ego conflicts.

Number 5 * The day is fine for leadership,event management n administrative pursuits,but avoid indulgence in ego conflicts n be careful in driving too.

Number 6 * The day is neutral, wid no specific change.Unhindered accomplishment of daily targets will keep u satisfied.Enjoy d petty joys dat d day brings to u.

Number 7 * The day is neutral for results of ur personal efforts,but luck favours u n fetches u an assertive status. Favourable day media,architects,builders,printers,transporters,spiritual mentors,dealers of oil,iron ,petrol n diamonds.

Number 8 * Some administrative rifts might upset u today.The day is fine for architects,builders,transporters,automobile dealers,religious pursuits,media n printers,but avoid indulgence in administrative conflicts n keep a check on ur ego.

Number 9 * The day is neutral for ur personal attainments.Fine for spiritual inclination,media,printers,architects,builders,transporters,spiritual pursuits,dealers of oil , iron,petrol n diamonds.