Sunday, 7 May 2017



Number 1 * The day is fine for availing ur foreign links.Favourable day for artists,exporters of silver,sportsmaterial n cement,mercury n ash.tourism n aviation indusrtry n mobility,but be careful in driving n avoid indulgence in ego conflicts.

Number 2 * The day fetches u assertive status n grter social prestige. Fine for media,transporters,automobile industry,iron foundary works,archirects n interior decorators,deal of silver n artwares.Fine day for undergoing cosmetic surgery.

Number 3 * The day adds to ur social prestige n ur opinions will be valued.Fine for media.academicians,research fellows in occult sciences,philosophy n relgion,favours hotel n tourism sector,transporters,automobile business n dealers of mustard oil,iron n silver.

Number 4 * U might face some unpleasant sitution due to administrative rifts n ego conflicts.The day favours hotel n tourism industry,aviation sector.Be more alert in driving today.

Number 5 * Avoid indulgence in ego conflicts n be cautious in driving too.U might get some unexpected gain grom foreign links or some favour from ur frds n guests.

Number 6 * The day is smooth sailing.Unhinderd accomplishment of daily targets will keep u in gud mood.Enjoy d petty joys dat d day brings for u.

Number 7 * The day fetches u enhanced social say. Fine for mobility,aviation,hotel n tourism,transporters n movers,automobile industry,interior decorators n architects,dealers of silver n artwares.,oil,iron n petrol.Favourable day for cosmetic surgeons,pediatricians n psychiatrists.

Number 8 * Spiritual inclination of mind will be keener today.The day is fine for transporters,automobile business,dealers of petrol,oil n iton,favours media n architects,spiritual mentors n fine for study of philosophy n occult sciences.

Number 9 * U will enjoy an assertive status.The day is fine for media,journalism,printers n spiritual inclination.Some problem related to kids or unexpected guests might disturb u,but try to tackle d situation wid a composed mind n u will succeed.