Monday, 3 April 2017



Number 1 * D day brings u bounties from luck n ur personal efforts will be very rewarding too.Fine day for moving abroad for administrative trips,sending political n cultural delegations,managing events n facing interviews.Dealers n exporters of cement,mercury,ash,musical instruements,sports material,dairy products n white colored objects will be better gainers.

Number 2 * D day is fine for gaining from foreign links.Ur frds n kids will be a big support to u today n u will luv to entertain guests n kids.Pediatricians,psychiatrists,event managers,sports correspondants,bankers,chartered accountants,choreographers will gain more recognition today.

Number 3 * Some tension related to kids or due to some unexpected guests that u find difficult to manage might be bothersome for u.Try to handle d situation patiently.Don't put money in circulation today.

Number 4 * D day fetches u some unexpected favour from frds,guests n foreign links.Administrative servants abroad will gain some recognition due to outstanding performance.Quality time spent wid kids n guests will keep u cheerful.

Number 5 * D day fetches u favours from foreign links,frds n guests.Attend to ur intuitions n fully utilize ur calucualtive abilities too for expansion of business.Physiotherapists,pediatricians,psychiatrists,event managers,exporters,loan n travel agencies,leaders,musicians,yoga n reiki trainers will be in more favourable status today.

Number 6 * D day is neutral for personal attainments.Daily targets will be attained in smooth going way.Don't be hopeful for any wonders today.

Number 7 * D day fetches u favours from luck n personal attainments will be outstanding too.Pediatricians,psycho analysts,physiotherapists,music composers,dance trainers,event managers ,hospitality services will be in more favourable status today.

Number 8 * D day is neutral for personal attainments.Try to curb ur ego n avoid indulgence in administrative clashes.Care for viewpoint of ur seniors n elders.

Number 9 * D day is not very pleasant for u.Some tension related to mobility of ur kids or due to unexpected guests or hindrance in ur travel plans might be upsetting u.Don't puy money in circulation today.