Tuesday, 18 April 2017



Number 1 * D day boosts ur energy level n u will feel inspired to perform creative n aesthetic pursuits.Fine day for aviation,shipping sector,tourism n hotel enterpreneur,dealers n exporters of silver n pearls.
Number 2 * D day is refreshing n soothing for u.U will love to spend time wid ur family n frds.Domestic liabilities will seek ur attention.Fine day for deal of silver,gold n domestic utility products.Ur social say will enhance today.But u must be careful about water generated infections.
Number 3 * D day is outstanding for u.Ur mood will be fresh n u will enjoy aesthetic n literary pursuits.Media,journalists,designers,dealers of ethinic,gold n silver n pearl jewelery will have outstanging gains today.U will willingly assume domestic n professional liabilities today.Architects,translators,poets n publishing house will manage to establish their distinct identity.
Number 4 * D day is soothing n refreshing for u.u will feel inclined towards marine adventures n voyaging.Dealers n exorters of sea products n silver n handicrafts will gain better today.Media will be more powerful today.Shipping n aviation industry will be in more profits today.
Number 5 * D day makes u inclined towards domestic n professional liabiities n fine day for sanctioning n availing housing n education loans.Investment in gold n property will be paying in d long run.D day adds to ur social glory.
Number 6 * D day is fine for domestic n vocational pursuits.U will also feel inclined towards re decor of ur home n work area.writers,Art critics ,architects n interior decorators will be more comfortable today.Fine for investing in gold,property,ethinic jewellery n leather accessories n chocolates.
Number 7 * D day is soothing n refreshing for u.U will love to participate in marine adventures n voyaging.deal n export of sea related products n silver,artwares n handicrafts will fetch u more gains.U will attend to personal grooming  n spend for comfort of ur family.
Number 8 * D day is fine for domestic,academic n professional pursuits.U will feel inclined towards journalism,creative n aesthetic pursuits.outing wid ur family n frds will fascinate u.Fine day for architects,goldsmiths n property dealers.
Number 9 * U will be in socially prestigious status n will have a commanding status in domestic issues.u will care more for feelings of ur family n elders.Profitable day for deal of gold n property.