Monday, 17 April 2017



Number 1 * D day boosts ur instinct for charity,leadership n social pursuits.favourable day for foreign administrative services,moving abroad for higher management studies n for exporting dairy products,white colored objects,dairy products n cement.Some defamation is likely today.

Number 2 * D day is fine for aviation,tourism n hospitality services n highly favours fashion n glamour world.Export n deal of kids wears,ethinic jewellery,leather accessories,cement,mercury,music albums,soft toys,chocolates n cigarattes will be hight profit yielding.U will like to entertain kids n guests.Financially sound position is d gift of day to u.

Number 3 * D day is dicey for investments.Don't invest at all in shares n lotteries.Curb ur instinct for extravagance n plan ur budget wisely.Some defamation in tension is also likely today

Number 4 * Some defamation is likely today.maintain a dignified gap from gossipers n also curb ur ego.Try to follow policy of co ordination n be supportive.D day is dicey for financial ventures.Favourable day for foreign travel agencies n event managers..

Number 5 * Attend to ur intuitive mind for making decisions related to ur kids n fully utilize ur calculative ability for vocational planning n expansion of business.Fine day for music composers,reiki n yoga trainers,motor driving schools n for exporters of cement n mercury n dairy products n white colored products.

Number 6 * D day is outstanding for fashion n glamour world,art gallery n gift centre owners,dealers of cosmetics,brown colored items n leather accessories.Ur relations wid spouse will be more cordial today n financial status will also be sound.

Number 7 * D day keeps u fresh n energetic n is quite hectic for u.Event managers,cultural delegations,music troupes will perform better in foreign lands.Fine day for keeping money in circulation n favours finance agencies.

Number 8 * Keep a strict check on ur ego n avoid indulgence in administrative conflicts.Assure purity of milk product before consuming.D day does not carry any special change for u,just focus on routine activities.

Number 9 * D day is risky for financial ventures.Some defamation is also likely.Maintain a dignified gap from gossip mongers.U will feel lack of warmth in ur relations wid spouse.Avoid putting money in circulation.