Sunday, 16 April 2017



Number 1 * D day is just a routine one for ur personal attainments,widout any specific change in ur status.U will have some unexpected guests fronm abroad n will love to entertain guests n kids.Fine day for foreign trips. 

Number 2 * Take gud care of health n diet today.Some old skin problem,blood related problems or fever might cause u trouble today.Also,retain a check on ur temper n avoid indulgence in heated arguments.Don't move property today.D day is fine for moving abroad for higher management studies n for export of cement n mercury. 

Number 3 * D day gives u assertive status n ur opinions will matter to ur family.Fine day for defence n judicial services n dealers of multi colored items,arms n ammunition n land related yields n furnishings.Safe day for investment in property n multi colored precious stones.Land surveyors n developers,spiritual mentors will have distinctly favourable day.Some tension might pop up due to prblems related to ur kids.Try to tackle firm mindedly n u will be able to manage d situation. 

Number 4 * D day does not bring any remarkable change in ur tatus n performance,its just a routine day.But hospitality services n tourism will be in profit yielding status. 

Number 5 * Attend to ur intuitions for making decisions related to ur kids n fully utilize ur calculative mind for expansion of business.d day is fine for export of cement,mercury n music albums.U must be extra careful regarding ur health today n also endeavour to retain a cool n composed mind. 

Number 6 * Don't invest in property n don't initiate any legal cases pertaining to property.Take care of health n diet.Don't indulge in heated discussions n guard against losses likely to occur due to heat n fire.Try to meditate to retain a cool n composed mind.

Number 7 * D day is not pleasant for u,as it brings u some health problems n some loss is also likely to occur due to heat n fire.Don't look forward to any positive results of long pending judicial cases related to property.However, d day is fine for entertaining guests n kids n for sending music troupes abroad. 

Number 8 * D day makes u inclined towards spiritualism n performing religious rites.Stationers,printers,developers will be in gainful status.U will have assertive attitude. 

Number 9 * D day is fine for assertion n u will have a dominating position in family issues.Fine day for defence n judicial services,developers,agriculturists,dealers of ammunition.U will have spiritual inclination today.But avoid mobility n keeping money in circulation today.