Tuesday, 28 March 2017



Number 1, 10, 19, 28
 The day is neutral for personal attainments ,but luck will fetch you some favours .Fine day for merchant navy, mariners, shipping sector, aqua purifier plants, dealers of silver and pearls.

Number 2
The day is fine for changing job and residence, facing walk in interviews and competitions. Domestic and professional liabilities will be smoothly discharged and your social say will enhance. Assure purity of drinking water; you are likely to suffer due to some aqua generated infection. Better profit fetching day for aviation and tourism sector, dealers of gold and property, furnishings, domestic utility items. Media, academicians, architects will gain recognition.

Number 3, 12, 21, 30
 The day is fine for successful discharge of domestic, social and professional liabilities .Academicians, social activists, architects, dealers of gold and property will be in more favourable status.

Number 4,13, 22, 31
 The day is neutral for personal attainments,but luck fetches you some favours. Fine day for mariners, voyagers, marine adventure trainers, merchant navy and shipping sector, dealers of silver and pearls will be in more favourable status.

Number 5, 14, 23
 The day favours you in domestic,social and vocational activities. Fine day for availing and sanctioning property and education loans. Social say will be greater.Invest in gold and property.

Number 6,15, 24
 Domestic and professional liabilities will be your prime concern and  you will willingly spend for enhancing comfort level of your near and dear ones. Dealers of property,gold and ethnic jewelry will gain better.

Number 7, 16, 25
The day enhances your social say and professional efficiency. Dealers of gold and property, interior decoration items will gain better. Domestic life will be more peaceful.

Number 8, 17, 26
 The day makes you more inclined to domestic and professional liabilities. Social and literary circle will enhance. Fine day for buying and selling property.

Number 9, 18, 27
Your domestic and professional liabilities will be smoothly discharged. Social prestige will enhance .Fine day for dealers and investors of gold. Media will be more influential.