Tuesday, 27 June 2017


NUMBER 1,10,19,28
The day boosts your creative and aesthetic skills and fetches you cool disposition of mind. The day is fine for aesthetic and cultural pursuits, aviation, hotel and tourism industry, deal of silver and art wares.

NUMBER 2,11,20,29
The day enhances your literary and aesthetic skills.Fine day for changing job.The day is fine for deal of gold and silver,art wares,paintings; favours poets, designers,interior decorators.Your social and academic circle will enhance today.

NUMBER 3,12,21,30
The day is fruitful for personal efforts and luck also fetches bounties for you.The day favours for academic,domestic and property pursuits,deal of gold,silver and golden objects, interior decoration, enhanced social say and successful discharge of job liabilities ,transfer and mobility,shift of residence.

NUMBER 4,13,22,31
You will be in cool mood today.The day favours for aesthetic pursuits, deal of art wares and silver, fine for aviation, hotel and tourism industry ,media and artists.

NUMBER 5,14,23
The day is fine for domestic and academic issues,and your vocational targets will be smoothly attained. Fine day for housing loan agents. Don't initiate property and judicial pursuits today .Avoid indulgence in heated discussions.

NUMBER 6,15,24
The day favours for domestic and academic issues .Favourable day for architects,interior designers, academicians and social activists. Avoid initiating property pursuits today.

NUMBER 7,16,25
Take good care of health today and guard against air generated infections.The day favours architects, artists, academicians ,interior decorators and dealers of gold and silver. Fine day for media and publishers.

NUMBER 8,17,26
The day is fine for domestic and academic pursuits. You will enjoy greater social say today. Literary and social circle will widen .Invest for long term in gold and property.

NUMBER 9,18,27
Personal efforts won't fetch any noteworthy change in your status, but luck will favour you in smooth attainment of domestic and vocational targets.The day is fine for domestic,property and aesthetic pursuits.Social prestige will enhance today.