Friday, 2 June 2017



Number 1 * The day is fine for leadership.administrative n management pursuits,dominative position,deal of white colored items n dairy products.You will manage sometime for entertainment n outings too.

Number 2 * Ur personal efforts won't fetch any specific change in ur status today.Just focus on ur routine n relax.

Number 3 * The day is neutral, just rejuvenate ur energies.U will be able to manage sometime for creative n aesthetic pursuits.Tourism ,aviation n hotel industry will be in more gainful status today.

Number 4 * The day is fine for applying ur innovative,calculative n untraditional thinking for event management,leadership n administrative pursuits,fine for deal of white colored items n dairy products.

Number 5 * The day brings u in dominating position,fine for administrative,management n leadership pursuits,deal of white colored items n dairy products.

Number 6 * The day is neutral, wid no remarkable change in ur status.Ur daily targets will be attained unhindered.Manage sometime for socializing.

Number 7 * Avoid air travel today n guard against air borne diseases too.However,d day is fine for recreation n outings.

Number 8 * Avoid indulgence in ego n administrative conflicts today.Assure purity of milk products before consuming.

Number 9 * The day is neutral, just relax n re energize urself.Unhindered attainment of daily targets will soothe ur mind.