Saturday, 3 June 2017



Number 1 * U might get some sudden benefit from foreign links n guests today.The day is fine for hotel,tourism n aviation industry,event management,foreign tours,aesthetic pursuits,deal ofsilver,cement,mercury,grey colored objects n cigarettes,favours physiotherapists,psychiatrists,pediatricians n numerologers.

Number 2 * The day is fine for aesthetic pursuits,deal of mercury,silver,gold,artwares,favours for aesthetic pursuits,musical troupes abroad,event management,yoga,acrobics,,circulation of money,rewarding for physiotherapists,pediatricians,psycho analysts n numerologists mn mathematicians,accountants n exporters.U will have more intuitions today.

Number 3 * The day is fine for aesthetic pursuits,recreation,deal of silver n artwares;but keep a check on ur anxieties n avoid mobility too.

Number 4 * The day favours for event management,administrative pursuits,cultural delegation n musical toupes abroad,deal of cigarettes,mercury,cement,silver n artwares,fine for tourism n aviation industry,pediatricians,psychiatrists,physiotherapistsc,yoga n acrobics,music composers.

Number 5 * the day is fine for aviation,tourism industry,music stores,cultural n musical programmes abroad,deal of silver,mercury,cement,artwares,cigarettes,favours for pursuits involving motor skilly,pyschiatry n numerology,reiki,yoga,circulation of money,event management n for applying ut intuitive mind for dealing wid domestic situations.

Number 6 * The day is neutral, wid no specific change in ur status.Unhindered performance of daily targets will keep u in cool disposition of mind.Manage sometime for socializing.

Number 7 * The day might fetch u some sudden benefit from foreign lands.Favourable day for event managers,composers,musical troupes n cultural delegations abroad,deal of cement,mercury,artwares,silver,favours physiotherapists,numerologers,psycho analysts n pediatricians,aviation n tourism industry.

Number 8 * The day is neutral, wid no remarkable change.Due to favour of luck,ur domestic,social n vocational activities will be performed smoothly.Architects,dealers of gold,property n domestic utility items will gain better.

Number 9 * Avoid mobilty n circulation of money n retain a composed n balanced mind.Domestic n vocational liabilities will be smoothly discharged due to favour of stars.Invest in gold n property.