Tuesday, 2 May 2017



Number 1,10,18,28 * The day is neutral for ur personal attainments,but luck favours u n fetches some benefit from foreign links.Fine day for aviation,hotel n tourism industry,deal n export of silver,cement,white colored items,banking,accountancy.

Number 2,11,20,29 * The day is fine for changing job n facing walk in interviews.Fine day for deal n export of cement,artwares,account keeping,banking,accountancy,for following aesthetic pursuits.Don't indulge in legal proceedings related to property.

Number 3,12,21,30 * The day is fine for successful discharge of vocational n domestic liabilities,provided u avoid mobility n retain a composed mind. Defence n judicial services,spiritual mentors,agriculturists, dealers n investors of gold,multi colored precious stones n property,photography material will enjoy d favour of stars.

Number 4,13,22,31 * The day does not fetch any noteworthy change in ur status resulting from personal efforts,but daily targets will be smoothly attained.Fine for aviation,hotel n tourism industry,deal n export of silver n cement, art wares,fine for bankers n accountants n event managers,psychiatrists n pediatricians.

Number 5,14,23 * The day is fine for applying ur intuitive n calculative mind for investments n event management,profitable for deal n export of silver,favours psycho analysts,physiotherapists,pediatricians n numerologists,bankers n accountants ,event managers n for musical troupes abroad.Invest in gold.Don't move property today.

Number 6,15,24 * Domestic n vocational liabilities will be ur chief concern.Literary n social pursuits n re decor of ur home n office will also be a fascination for u.Investors n dealers of gold n ethnic jewelery will be in more profits.Don't transact property today.

Number 7, 16, 25* The day enhances ur prestige in domestic n professional field,but don't tend to be over assertive. Fine for mobility,aviation,aesthetic pursuits,designing,deal n export of cement,banking,accountancy.Don't indulge in legal issues related to property today.

Number 8,17,26 * Domestic n professional liabilities will be smoothly discharged.Social n literary circle will also widen.Spiritual inclination of mind will be keener.Make long term investments in gold n property.Dealers of mustard oil n gold will gain better.

Number 9, 18, 27 * The day is fine for attainment of ur professional n domestic targets,provided u avoid mobility n retain a composed mind too.Fine day for dealers of gold,multi colored precious stones land related yields. Photo journalists,spiritual mentors n media,social activists will be in more favourable status today.