Friday, 7 April 2017



Number 1 * D day is not very pleasant for u.U will be restless due to difference of opinion wid ur immediate boss n elders.Extra care is needed in driving.Don't buy vehicle today.

Number 2 * D day gives u assertive status n u will command d situation whether it be in domestic or in proessional field.Favourable day for media,dealers of fuel,diamonds,printing material,building material.U will feel inclined towards spiritual pursuits.Chances are bright for piligrimage.

Number 3 * D day boosts u social say n u will be inassertive status today.Results of academic pursuits n competitive exams will be in ur favour.Fine day for publishers,architects,sooth sayers n spiritual mentors,automobile dealers n fue station owners.

Number 4 * U will feel dull today in professional field.Some ego conflicts will lead u to unpleasantness.U will like to introduce new policies n plans in professional pursuits.Deal n export of white colored objects wil be fine.Be more attentive in driving today.

Number 5 * Don't make hasty decisions today,as it might make u suffer in d long run.Be patient in ur behaviour n avoid ego conflicts.D day is smooth sailing for professional activities.

Number 6 * D day is neutral, widout any specific change in ur status.Just focus on daily activities n relax.Don't look forwrd to any miracle today.

Number 7 * D day enhances ur social prestige n u will enjoy commanding status in domestic life.Investment in diamonds n iron will yield grter profit today.

Number 8 * U will be more dominative n assertive today,Results of competetive exams will be in ur favour.Transporters,surgeons ,furure tellers,spiritual mentors will be more comfortable today.Keep a curb on ego.

Number 9 * D day is neutral for u,widout any remarkable change in ur status.However, spiritualism will dominate ur mind n u wil enjoy chariatable pursuits too.Photo journalists ,media,transporters,fuel dealers will enjoy d favour of stars.