Friday, 14 April 2017



Number 1 * D day boosts ur energy level n u will perform better in administrative field.Ur involvement n co operation in charity pursuits will be better.Fine day for sea traders,mariners n voyagers n spiritual of silver,pearls,salt,dairy products will fetch u considerable gains today

Number 2 * D day makes u inclined towards refurnishing n re decor of ur house.u will willingly assume domestic n professional liabilities today.but take gud care of health n especially gurd against water generated infections.d day boosts ur literary n academiv interests .Profitable day for investing in gold n property n handicrafts.

Number 3 * D day is fine for domestic n academic pursuits.Ur social prestige will enhance today.Fine day for deal n export of sea related yields n silver,gold n marigold flowers n domestic utility items.U will be able to manage sometime for aesthetic n creative pursuits .

Number 4 * U will feel inclined towards psychic studies n study of religion.Charity n social work will seek ur prime attention.Fine day for marine adventures, voyagers n sea traders n acqua purifier plants.

Number 5 * D day makes u inclined towards domestic liabilities n ur say will matter in family issues.U will enjoy enhanced social dignity.Fine day for availing education n gold loans n housing loans.

Number 6 * U will enjoy redecoring of ur home n work place n will spend for comforts of ur family.investment in gold n property will be paying.fine day for domestic utility service providers n interior decorators n publishers.

Number 7 * D day makes u inclined towards psychiatry n spiritual literature.U will like to tackle problems wid a psychological bend of mind.Sea traders,marine adventure trainers, voyagers n dealers of sea related yields n silver will be in favourable status today.

Number 8 * U will willingly assume domestic liabilities today.Professional pursuits might be hindered due to administrative rifts n ego conflicts wid ur seniors.D day is fine for deal of vehicles,petrol mustard oil,gold n property.

Number 9 * Domestic n professional liabilities will keep u involved throughout d day n will boost ur social prestige.Ur social circle will also widen.Literary activities will be a source of pleasure to u.Invest in gold n property.