Thursday, 30 March 2017



Number 1 * D day boosts ur administrative skills n intellectual abilities.Fine day for following social service n political pursuits.Dealers of white colored objects n dairy products will gain better.D day is dicey on economic front.Be more careful in driving.

Number 2 * Ur personal efforts won't fetch any noteworthy change in ur status,but luck will fetch u favours.U will enjoy an assertive status n enhanced social n economic stability.Media,art critics,curators, spiritual mentors,dealers of diamond n ethinic jewelery,cosmetics n leather accessories,petroln vehicles will gain better.Relations wid spouse will be more mature n intimate.

Number 3 * Personal efforts won't fetch any noteworthy change in ur status.Daily targets will be managed inspite of limited financial resources.U will enjoy an assertive status n will excel in competetions n dis might cause jealousy to ur opponents.Some defamation is likely.Media,spiritual mentors,architects n vastu consultants will gain recognition.

Number 4 * Strictly avoid indulgence in administrative rifts n ego clashes n try to understand viewpoint of ur seniors n elders.Be more cautious in driving n don't mix drink n drive.

Number 5 * Ur administrative performance will be better n chances are bright for foreign administrative trips.Keep a check on ur mercury mind n pay due regards to ur elders n seniors.

Number 6 * Personal attainments won't be much noteworthy,but due to favour of luck,u might enjoy some sudden financial gain n social prestige.Fashion n glamour world

Number 7 * D day is neutral for personal attainments.Due to favour of stars, u will enjoy grter socia n financial stability.Transporters,travel agencies,fashion n glamour world,art sritics,media,diamonds n ethinic jewelery dealers will be in more profits today.

Number 8 * Administrative clashes n rifts of opinions wid ur elders n seniors might cause u restless disposition of mind.But, take a firm stand if u think u r actually right.U will enjoy an assertive status.Dealers of diamonds.vehicles,fuel n iron will be better gainers.

Number 9 * D day is neutral for u.Daily targets will be attained unhindered.Spiritual inclination of mind will be grter today n u will show a keen interest in study of occult sciences,religion n journalism.Dealers of vehicles,petrol,printing ink,iron n coal will gain better.Some defamation is likely.