Saturday, 26 May 2018



kids landing on the stage of world today are bestowed with birth number 1 and luck number is 8

Number one persons are  creative, inventive, strongly Individual, definite in his or her views, consequently determined in all the decisions taken. No. 1 people are ambitious and aspirant to hold top position in whatever they do and don't like to be subordinated.Generous,broad-minded, generally excel in whatever field they choose to perform

Since,their number one has component numbers 2 and 8, it will include qualities and basic traits of number 2 and 8 both.

Persons endowed with Luck number 8 are destined to attain success after struggle.They command the situation on dint of their dedication to work.

First year of age is remarkably good for them and calendar year 2018  fetches no special favours  for them., it is a neutral year for luck.

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