Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Basis Course in Numerology

BASIC Course In Numerology

Numerology is a predictive science based on study of Divine Numbers 1 to 9 and their corresponding influence on an individual's life. It is flourishing day by day on global level. Irrespective of language, religion and geographical boundaries, it is gaining wide recognition. Numerology is the study of numbers and their determining influence on one’s life. Numbers are the prime causes, which create, reform, rejuvenate and reshape the trend of life. They start producing their impact on your life right from the moment of the birth and will continue to influence throughout the life. All the nine planets are assigned with numerical value from 1 to 9 and govern the whole universe. 

The basic course in Numerology aims at providing you insight into Numbers; how to utilize positive numbers in your life and how to avoid negative numbers and how to manipulate numbers for better adjustment in all walks of life.

The Course will include
Basis Insight into Numerology : How Numbers impact our life.

Basic insight to Divine Numbers 1 to 9.( One Number will be discussed in each session)

How to calculate your Birth Number and Luck Number

Personality grooming on basis of Numbers
Career orientation on basis of Numerology
Social Attributes on basis of Numerology.

What type of Life mate you will be.

Motherhood Traits.

Your Lucky Colours.

Investment tips.

Your Lucky Days and dates

Your favourable and unfavourable Numbers.

Health Issues and diet on basis of Numerology.

The Fees for the course will be INR 21,000/- only.
You will have 21 sessions overall. You can attend the class in person or online. Those who opt for online lessons,will be sent study material online and can discuss the chapters once a week,in case any clarity or explanation is needed.

Rajni Chhabra
Senior Numerologist (Practising since 1989)
Author of three books on Numerology
P.S. : For Registration contact on 09538695141 or mail details to