Sunday, 16 July 2017


NUMBER 1,10,19,28
Personal attainments won't fetch any remarkable change in your status .Daily targets will be performed in a routine way. The day is neutral, provided you avoid indulgence in ego conflicts. Be more careful in driving too.

NUMBER 2,11,20,29
The day is not pleasant for you; avoid indulgence in heated discussions, guard against heat and fire and don't initiate property related judicial proceedings today.Take good care of health; some blood related disease may make you suffer today. Media and spiritual mentors will be more influential today.

NUMBER 3,12,21,30
The day is fine for academic,domestic and property pursuits, agriculture, construction works, spiritual inclination of mind, profit from land related yields, deal of furnishings and multi colored precious stones, diamonds. arms and ammunition, property deals and mining.

NUMBER 4,13,22,31
The day is neutral and daily targets will be attained in a routine way. Don't indulge in ego conflicts today and pay due regards to your seniors and elders.

NUMBER 5,14,23
Be careful in driving today; take good care of health, guard against short circuit and fire and don't initiate property deals and judicial proceedings today. Wear cool colors;don't put on clothes of red and black color today.

NUMBER 6,15,24
Take good care of health and take light diet. Retain a cool mind and guard against heat and fire too; avoid initiation of judicial and property pursuits today. Don't wear red color today.

NUMBER 7,16,25
The day demands special care of your health; retain a cool temper too and guard against heat and fire too; don't initiate property deals and judicial proceedings today. You will enjoy an assertive status, but don't tend to be over dominating.

NUMBER 8,17,26
Spiritual inclination of mind will be keener, with bright chances for pilgrimage.The day is fine for developers, builders, diamond and property dealers, spiritual mentors, publishers and photo journalists. Fine day for making long term investments in agricultural land.

NUMBER 9,18,27
Some auspicious ceremonies are likely to be performed in your family today. The day favours spiritual mentors, agriculturists, developers, armed forces, judicial services, photo journalists, publishers ,dealers of diamonds, precious multi colored stones,furnishings,land related yields, fuel, printing material and agricultural apparatus. Fine day for agricultural surveys and for long term investment in agricultural land.