Thursday, 22 June 2017


NUMBER 1,10,19,28
The day is not rewarding for u,avoid financial ventures today n don't indulge in gossips n ego conflicts.Don't lend or borrow.U will feel lack of intimacy in ur relations wid spouse Be more careful in driving too.

NUMBER 2,11,20,29
The day fetches u sound financial n social status.More favourable day for designers,artists,media,publishers,research in occult sciences n philosophy,spiritual inclination of mind,construction n architecture,transportation, automobile business,deal of chocolates,coffee,leather goods,cosmetics,favourable for cosmetic surgeons.

NUMBER 3,12,21,30
Luck fetches u assertive status,though some  opponents might try to defame u n speak against u.The day is fine for media,publishers,spiritual mentors,automobile dealers,deal of oil, iron n petrol;but avoid initiation of investments today n maintain a dignified distance from gossipers.

NUMBER 4,13,22,31
Personal efforts won't fetch any noteworthy change in ur status.Drive carefully,maintain a gap from gossipers n avoid ego n administrative conflicts too.

NUMBER 5,14,23
The day is neutral for u ,provided u drive carefully n avoid indulgence in ego conflicts.Care for feelings of ur elders n try to seek their blessings.

NUMBER 6,15,24
U will enjoy sound financial status.The day favours fashion n glamour world,dealers of paintings,art wares,leather accessories,cosmetics,coffee,chocolates n tobacco.

NUMBER 7,16,25
The day boosts ur creative n aesthetic skills.Ur social n financial status will be more sound.More favourable day for transporters,media,journalists,printers,automobile dealers,designers,fashion n glamour world n for deal of chocolates,leather items,cosmetic n coffee.

NUMBER 8,17,26
Personal efforts won't fetch any significant change in ur status,but,due to boon of stars,the day enhances ur social say.More  fine day for builders n architects n iron foundry works,media,surgeons,publishers,dealers of oil n petrol n iron n brings u stability.

NUMBER 9,18,27
U might find  it a bit taxing to manage ur targets wid meager financial resources at  ur disposal.The day favours builders n architects,media,printers, deal of fuel ,coal,iron n automobiles, Try to maintain gud relations wid ur spouse today.U will have keener spiritual inclination of mind .