Friday, 16 June 2017



Number 1,10,19,28     D day is neutral for personal attainments,but luck will fetch u some favours.U might avail some benefits from foreign links n frd circle.The day is fine for sea traders,voyagers n mariners,shipping industry n for deal of pearls,sea shells,silver n artware.

 Number 2,11,20,29
     Take gud care of health n diet.The day is not pleasant for u;guard against water borne infections,heat n fire.Avoid indulgence in heated discussions n endeavour to retain a cool mind.Don't initiate judicial n property pursuits today.

 Number 3,12,21,30
 Ur domestic n vocational targets will be smoothly attained.U will have keener inclination towards spiritual pursuits.The day is fine for academic,domestic n aesthetic pursuits,favours agriculturists,publishers,armed forces,judicial services,artists,interior decorators n furnishers.

 Number 4,13,22,31
 Personal efforts won't fetch any noteworthy change in ur status,but luck fetches u some favours from frds n foreign lands.The day favours sea traders,mariners,diver n voyagers,favourable for deal of sea shells,fish,pearls n silver.

 Number 5 ,14,23
 Don't initiate property n judicial deals today n retain a cool temper too,Some blood related disease ,fever or skin problem may trouble u,also guard against heat n fire.

 Number 6 ,15,24
 Retain a hold on ur temper n guard against heat n fire too.Take gud care of health n wear cool colors.Avoid initiating judicial n property deals too

. Number 7,16,25
 Attend to ur health issues n avoid indulgence in heated discussions.The day is rewarding for shipping industry,cruises,sea traders,mariner,voyagers n divers,fine for deal n export of pearls,,favours for deal n export of silver,sea shells,fish;fine for aesthetic pursuits n media n poets.

 Number 8 ,17,26
 U will develop marked interest in spiritual pursuits,future telling n vastu consultancy.The day is fine for spiritual mentors,builders,architects,dealers of land related yields n fuel.

 Number 9,18,27
 Ur social prestige will enhance today.Spiritual inclination of mind will be keener .The day favours armed forces,judicial pursuits,deal of land related yields,stationery n multi colored items,furnishings,arms n ammunition.