Sunday, 28 May 2017



Number 1 * The day is fine for hotel,tourism n aviation industry,mobility,deal of silver,artwares,aesthetic pursuits n recreation.But don't tend to be over assertive.Endeavour to drive safe.

Number 2 * The day fetches u grter social say n assertive fine for cultural delegations abroad,aesthetic pursuits,interior decoration,art exhibitions,job in forreign lands,links wid relatives n frds settled abroad,deal of silver n artwares.

Number 3 * The day is fine for giving free flight to ur imagination n following cultural n aesthetic pursuits.Favourable day for publishers,spiritual mentors, n media,interior decoration,dealers of silver ,diamonds ,petrol,printing material n artwares.

Number 4 * The day is fine for recreation n relaxing,mobility,aviation, hotel n tourism sector,deal of silver n artwares,cultural delegations abroad.Keep a check on ego n be more careful in driving too.

Number 5 * The day is smooth sailing.daily targets will be attained unhindered.Keep a check on ur mercury mind n pay due regards to elders.Be more cautious in driving too.

Number 6 * The day is neutral for ur,just focus on routine.Unhindered attainment of daily targets will keep u satisfied.Enjoy d petty joys dat d day brings for u.

Number 7 * Take gud care of health.Avoid air travel today,some air borne problem may also make u suffer today.U will enjoy spiritual inclination of mind n study of occult sciences,vastu consultancy n future telling.

Number 8 * Personal efforts won't fetch any noteworthy change in ur status,but daily targets will be attained unhindered. The day is fine for media,publishers,transporters,builders n architects,surgeons,dealers of petrol n diamonds.

Number 9 * The day is neutral for ur personal efforts,but luck favours u today n fetches u stability in domestic n professional life.Fine for photo journalists,media,publishers,architects n builders.