Friday, 5 May 2017



Number 1 * The day is not pleasant for u,avoid defamatory elements n initiation of investments today,Don't indulge in ego conflicts.Be careful in driving.

Number 2 * The day fetches u grter social say n sounder financial status.More profitable for dealers of chocolates,brown colored objects,leather goods n cosmetics;fine for fashion n glamour world,designers,jewellers n cosmetic surgeons.

Number 3 * The day fetches u enhanced social say,though some opponents might try to defame u.Favourable day for transporters,builders,architects,media,dealers of diamonds,petrol,gold n golden objects,but avoid initiation of investments today n maintain a gap from gossipers.

Number 4 * The day is not rewarding for u,avoid ego conflicts n initiation of investments n be careful in driving.Try to seek blessings of ur elders.

Number 5 * The day is neutral, provided u remain cautious in driving n avoid indulgence in ego conflicts.Favourable day for sanctioning education n housing loans.

Number 6 * The day enhances ur social glory n fetches u sounder financial status.Fine for fashion n glamour world,dealers of chocolates,art jewellery,paintings n fancy items,leather goods n cosmetics.U will willingly spend to enhance comfort level of ur near n dear ones.

Number 7 * D day secures u enhanced social say n firmer financial status.Fine day for transporters,media,fashion n glamour world,favours for cosmetic surgery,fashion designing n modelling.U will enjoy more cordial relations wid spouse.

Number 8 * The day is neutral for ur personal attainments.More favourable day for dealers of diamond,gold,petrol,mustard oil n iron,builders,architects,research of occult sciences n philosophy n religious pursuits.

Number 9 * Ur progress might slacken due to meagre financial resources. U will badly miss one who is dear to u .The day is fine for media,spiritual mentors,research fellows in occult sciences n philosophy.