Thursday, 4 May 2017



Number 1,10,10,28 * The day is going to be hectic for u n daily targets will be smoothly attained in spite of meager financial resources. Favourable numerologers,psychiatrists,pediatricians,accountants,aviation n tourism industry,dealers of cement n grey colored items,but avoid defamatory elements n initiation of investments today.

Number 2,11,20,29 * The day might fetch u some sudden benefit from goreign links.U will love to entertain guests n kids. Favourable day for fashion n glamour world,designers,art gallery owners ,beauticians, accountants, numerologists ,sexologists,physio therapists n pediatricians,export of cement n fine for performance of cultural delegations abroad.

Number 3,12,21,30 * The day is not rewarding for ur personal efforts,but due to favour of luck, ur targets will be accomplished.Some problem related to mobility of ur kids might be upsetting u';try to retain a composed mind n avoid mobility n indulgence in gossips.Don't initiate investments today.

Number 4,13,22,31 * The day is fine for availing foreign links n moving abroad for event management,higher studies n sports competitions. The day favours activities involving motor skills,fine for physiotherapists, pediatricians, numerologists, aviation n tourism industry;but don;t initiate investments today n avoid gossipers too.

Number 5,14, 23 * Apply ur intuitive n calculative mind today for event management n investments.The day is profitable for deal n export of silvery grey items n cement ,circulation of money,tourism n aviation industry.

Number 6,15,24 * Ur personal efforts won't be very rewarding today,but luck will fetch u some financial favours. The day favours designers, jewelers,art gallery owners,fashion n glamour world, deal of cosmetics,chocolates n leather goods.

Number 7,16,25 * The day is very rewarding for ur personal efforts n luck also brings u some bounties.The day is fine for fashion n glamour world, fashion shows n cultural delegations abroad, favours pediatricians, physio therapists, sexologists n numerologists, deal n export of cement.

Number 8,17,26 * The day is neutral for u,with no specific change.Daily targets will be attained unhindered. Try to devote sometime to socializing.

Number 9,18,27 * Try to retain a cool n composed mind for tackling problematic situations of ur kids.Avoid initiation of investments n defamatory elements today.Some body dear to u ,may part with u.U will feel lack of cordiality in ur relations with spouse.