Monday, 22 May 2017



Number 1 * The day is hectic for u n u r likely to be benefitted from foreign links,guests n frds.Favours physiotherapists,pediatricians,psychiatrists n numerologists,event managers,hotel,tourism n aviation business,banking,circulation of money n accountancy,event management n foreign administrative trips,deal of silver n mercury.

Number 2 * The day is fine for recreation,banking,account keeping,favours psycho analysts,pediatricians,physiotherapists,but retain a cool mind today,guard against heat n fire too n wear cool colors.Avoid initiating judicial n property pursuits today.

Number 3 * The day is fine for domestic,academic n property pursuits,but retain a check on ur fluctuating mind n avoid mobility n circulation of money.Some problem related to ur kids might upset u today,but try to tackle it patiently.Spiritual inclination of mind will be keener today.

Number 4 * The day keeps u on heel throughout n ur targets will be smoothly attained.Favours aviation,hotel n tourism, pediatricians,psychiatrists,phsiotherapists n numerologers,levent management n banking,accountancy,deal of silver n mercury.

Number 5 * The day favours u n fetches u some sudden favours from foreign linksFavourable day for event managers,aviation,tourism,deal n export of mercury n cement,but avoid heated discussions,retain a cool mind,guard against heat n fire n avoid initiating judicial n property pursuits today.

Number 6 * The day is neutral for personal attainments.Keep a check on ur temper n avoid indulgence in discussions;some blood related problem may also cause problem to u.Don't transact property today.

Number 7 * The day is fine for entertainment n recreation, tourism,aviation,mobilty,banking,accountancy,favours numerologers,psycho analysts,physiotherapists n pediatricians;but avoid indulgence in discussions,wear cool colors n guard against heat n fire too.Avoid initiating judicial n property pursuits today.

Number 8 * The day does not fetch any noteworthy change in ur status resulting from ur personal efforts.Luck favours u for academic,domestic n spiritual pursuits.U will

Number 9 * The day is fine for agriculturists,photo journalists,spiritual mentors,stationers,deal of multi colored objects,but avoid mobilty n circulation of money today.Photo journalists,spiritual mentors,developers,agriculturists,dealers of multi colored precious stones will enjoy d favour of stars.