Wednesday, 10 May 2017




Number 1 * The day is fine for mobility,favours hotel n tourism industry,aviation sector,media,artists,dealers n exporters of silver n artwares.Pay due regards to ur seniors n elder.Be more careful in driving too.

Number 2 * The day fetches u cool disposition of mind n ur opinions will matter to ur frds n relatives. Fine for aethetic n designing pursuits,architecture,interior decoration,shift of residence,property deals,deal of silver,gold n domestic appliances,aviation,hotel n tourism;some relative from abroad visits u today.Fine day for facing competetions n walk in interviews.

Number 3 * The day brings u enhanced social prestige.U will get connected wid relative from abroad unexpectedly.The day is profitable for builders,architects,housing loan agencies,media,aviation,hotel n tourism industry,dealers of diamonds,automobiles,mustard oil,gold n property.

Number 4 * The day makes u inclined towards aesthetic n creative pursuits,outings n entertainment,but be more careful in driving today.Favours aviation n tourism industry,movers,artists n designers, dealers of silver n artwares.

Number 5 * Ur personal efforts won't fetch any noteworthy change in ur status.The day is fine for deal of gold n golden items,domestic utility services,deal of home appliances n property.Social n literay circle will also enhance.Be more attentuve in driving today.

Number 6 * The day does not fetch any remarkable change in ur status due to personal efforts,but luck will favour u today.The day favours goldsmiths,property dealers,,home loan agencies,domestic utility services n interior decorators.

Number 7 * Take gud care of health today.The day is fine for pursuing academic n social concern pursuits,designers,interior decorators,architects,deal of gold,domestic appliances,but avoid air travel today,some air borne disease may cause trouble to u today.

Number 8 * The day fetches u assertive status.Favourable day for media,journalists,publishers,study n research of occult sciences,philosophy n spiritualism;favours for deal of gold,golden colored items n mustard oil,fine for domestic utility services,architects,builders n brings u enhanced social prestige.

Number 9 * The day is neutral for ur personal attainments.,but luck favours u in accomplishing domestic n vocational targets.Favours builders,architects,developers,property dealers.Fine day for socialising n brings u added social say.