Wednesday, 5 April 2017



Number 1 * D day boosts ur skill for aesthetic n creative pursuits.U will be in a mood of relaxation n entertainment,wid special fascination for marine adventures.Psychic studies will also seek ur attention.But d day is dicey for financial ventures.Some defamation is also likely today.Hold a check on ur rextravagance or else it will cause rift wid ur spouse.

Number 2 * Take gud care of health n diet.some water generated infection is likely to make u suffer today.Also don't go for voyaging or boating today.U will feel inclined towards renovation n re decor of ur home n office.Ur academic n literary performance will be better .Investment in gold,property,ethinic jewelery n deal of brown colored objects,leather accessories n cosmetics will be extra gainful for u today.Ur social n financial status will be sound today n ur domestic life will be also pleasant.Fine day for dating n ur relations wid spouse will be sweeter today.

Number 3 * D day makes u inclined towards spiritual pursuits n social service.U will willingly assume responsibity in domestic life n will do a lot for ur family, inspite of dat,ur worth won't be fully appreciated n some defamation is likely.Deal of sea related yeilds n silver will fetch u gud gains.

Number 4 * Ur creative n aesthetic performance will be better today n u will love adventures n outings too.marine adventurers, mariners n voyagers n dealers of sea related yields will be in more favourable status today.U will feel lack of warmth in ur relations wid spouse today.Someone dear to u may also part wid u.

Number 5 * D day is fanie for sanctioning loans for gold,construction n education.Ur domestic life will be peaceful n literary circle will also expand.Social service pursuits will be soothing for u.

Number 6 * Ur social n economic status will be better today.Artists,art critics,sexologists,cosmeticians n beauticians will be able to establish their distinct identity today.Deal of handicrafts,gold work on camel hide,ethinic jewelery deals will be very profit yielding today.U will spend time on personal groomong too,Relations wid ur beloved will be deeper n sweeter today;fine day for dating too.

Number 7 * U will luv to study religion n psychiatry.Interest in spiritual n social pursuits will enhance.Sea traders,mariners,voyagers,shipping industry n acqua dealers will be more comfortable today.Invest in gold, silver n property.

Number 8 * D day gives u assertive status in domestic issues n ur opinions will be treated as valuable.Fine day for architects,vastu consultants,dealers of domestic utility items n mustard oil,gold n property.

Number 9 * D day boosts ur social prestige n ur literary circle will also widen.Favourable day for developers,architects n domestic utility services.U will wilingly assume social n domestic responsibilities n ur performance on professional level will be fine too.