Thursday, 13 April 2017



Number 1,10, 19, 28 * D day is dicey for investments.Don't invest in shares n lotteries.Be cautious in driving.D day is fine for following aesthetic pursuits n creative activities,planning outings n trips;but be very cautious in driving. D is favourable for tourism n aviation industry.

Number 2,11,20,29 * D day is highly pleasant for u,adds to ur glory,social say n financial status.Fine day for fashion n glamour world,beauticians,sexologists,designers,media,automobile n fuel dealers n dealers of brown colored objects; favourable day for cosmetic surgery.U will also have religious inclination of mind n a marked interest in study of occult sciences.

Number 3,12,21,30 * D day provides u assertive status n command in religious propagation n preaching.Fine for aesthetic n creative pursuits n journalism n art criticism.U will get favourable result of academic pursuits.D day is risky for financial ventures.U will also feel lack of cordiality on ur relations wid spouse.

Number 4,13,22,31 * Avoid indulgence in ego rifts n be extra careful in driving too.Maintain a dignified gap from gossipers n try to maintain a gud understanding level with ur spouse.D day is fine for tourism n aviation sector n for artists.

Number 5,14,23 * Drive safe n don't mix drink n driving.Also retain a check on hasty decision making.postpone buying vehicle today.Just focus on daily routine with a composed mind n relax.

Number 6, 15,24* U will spare some time for personal grooming today.D day is remarkably fine for fashion n glamour world n for film makers,art critics,art gallery n gift center owners.Profit yielding day for deal of leather accessories,cosmetics,tobacco n coffee.D day brings u sound financial status n fame.

Number 7, 16, 25 * Avoid air travel today n also take gud care of health n diet.U r likely to suffer due to some air generated infection today.D day is fine for undergoing plastic surgery,beauty treatment,sex consultancy,dating n personal grooming.

Number 8, 17, 26 * D day gives u spiritual inclination of mind n u will develop keen interest in study of religion n prediction studies.Chances are bright for pilgrimage.Automobile n fuel dealers,surgeons, journalists,printers n architects will have greater profit today.

Number 9, 18, 27 * Somebody dear to u may part with u today.U will also feel lack of cordiality in ur relations with ur soul mate.D day is dicey on financial front.U will like to spend time in care taking of ur elders n will have spiritual inclination of mind .