Tuesday, 4 April 2017



Number 1 * D day bears a romantic fervour n boosts ur aesthetic n creative interests.Favourable day for aviation,tourism n for exporters of silver n handicrafts.D day is dicey on economic front;don't initiate investments tday n don't invest in lotteries n shares.

Number 2 * D day boosts ur energy level.U will be enthusiatsic in dealing wid all sorts of situations related to fashion n glamour world.Deal n export of silver,gold n ethinic jewelery,luxury items,furnishings n property will be more profitable today.Fine day for changing job n shifting residence.Art critics,artists,architects,sexologists,interior decorators n beauticians,cosmetic dealers will have remarkably gud gains today.

Number 3 * D day is fine for discharge of domestic n professional liabilities n for investment in gold,property n domestic utility items.Ur literary n social circle will widen today.But maintain a dignified gap from gossipmongers.Some defamation is likely today.

Number 4 * Don't invest in shares n lotteries.D day is not favourable on economic front.Some defamation is also likely today.Avoid back biters n gossip mongers.Fine day for outings n aesthetic pursuits.

Number 5 * D day widens ur social circle n academic circle too.Fine day for sanctioning loans for property ,gold n education.U will willingly assume domestic n professional liabilities today.

Number 6 * U will be inclined towards personal grooming n spending on luxury items.U will spend for comfort of ur family.Dealers of brown colored items,gold n ethinic jewelery n costumes,cosmetics n leather accessories will earn gud gains today.D day ads to ur fame n gains.

Number 7 * D day is fine for changing ur job profile n residence.U social n financial position will be sound today.Exporters n dealers of designer dresses n ethinic jewellery,cosmetics ,tobacco n leather accessries will be in extra gainful status today.U should be careful about ur health today.Some air generated infection is likely to make u suffer today.

Number 8 * D day gives u sound social status stability in profession.U will willingly assume domestic liabilties n will manage to carry dese to smooth end.Fine day for academic pursuits n u can look forwrd for positive results of competetive exams.Profitable day for deal of gold n property.

Number 9 * D day widens ur literary n social circle.Ur family members will feel proud of u n be obliged to u for d way u care for them.Profit assuring day for investment in gold n property n publication.