Wednesday, 15 March 2017



Number 1 * D day is not very pleasant for u.Some ego rifts n defamation is likely today.Try to retain a composed mind n be more careful in driving too.Don't initiate investments today.

Number 2 * D day fetches u sound financial n social status.U will enjoy a dominate position,but don't tend to be over assertive.Fine day for media, publishers,sexologists,beauticians,cosmeticians,spiritual mentors.Dealers of diamonds,ethnic jewelry,gift items,chocolates,coffee n tobacco will gain better.Relations wid spouse will be more cordial today.Make long term investments in gold n property.

Number 3 * D day enhances ur social say,though ur financial status won't be stable today.Spiritual inclination of mind n interest in study of occult sciences n vastu consultancy will be keener.Media will be more assertive.Dealers of diamonds,fuel n printing ink will gain more today.

Number 4 * Strictly avoid indulgence in ego conflicts n administrative clashes.Pay due regards to ur seniors n elders.D day is dicey on financial front.Don't invest at all in shares n lotteries.

Number 5 * Keep a check on ur mercury mind n pay due regard to ur elders .Try to appreciate viewpoint of ur elders n seniors.Administrative servants working abroad might gain some recognition today.Invest in gold n property.

Number 6 * Ur personal efforts won't fetch any remarkable change in ur status,but u will fetch favour from luck.Architects,interior decorators,dealers of leather accessories,cosmetics,ethnic wears n brown colored objects will fetch more gains.Financial status n luv life will be better.

Number 7 * D day brings u assertive status n grter social say.Ur financial level will be more stable.Media,spiritual mentors,vastu consultants,sooth sayers,transporters,dealers of diamond,petrol,black n brown colored objects,ethnic jewelry n cosmetics will be better gainers today.invest in gold n property.

Number 8 * D day enhances ur social say n professional stability.Research scholars in occult sciences,religion n philosophy will enjoy d reward of their efforts. Investors n dealers of diamond,iron,gold n property,black n golden colored objects will gain better

Number 9 * D day adds to ur social say.Stability in domestic n professional life will be greater.Make long term investments in gold n property.Don't lend or borrow.Today,u will badly miss someone who is very close to ur heart,but very distant from u right now.