Friday, 31 March 2017


Number 1 * D day boosts your passion for creative n aesthetic pursuits,outings n picnics.Fine day for aviation n tourism sector,merchant navy,marine adventure trainers,politician,social activists.  

Number 2 * Give free flight to ur imagination n follow creative n aesthetic pursuits .Favourable day for media,translators,tourism n hospitality services,dealers of silver n art wares.Guard against water generated infections today.
Number 3 * D day is fine for mobility n relocation.Fine day for facing walk in interviews.merchant navy,shipping,aviation  sector,dealers of silver,pearls n sea related yields will gain better. 

Number 4 * D day is rewarding for your personal efforts n luck fetches u some favous too.Don't indulge in administrative clashes n ego rifts. Favourable day for merchant navy,media,art critics,dealers of silver n pearls. 

Number 5 * D day is neutral for personal attainments n daily targets will be attained unhindered.Devote sometime to social concern issues.  

Number 6 * D day does not fetch any remarkable change in ur status.Just focus on daily routine n relax.Try to enjoy d petty joys associated with unhindered attainment of daily  targets. 

Number 7 * Take good care of health n diet.U r likely to suffer due to some air generated infection. D day is fine for dealers of silver n art wares. Favourable day for spiritual mentors,media,merchant navy,cruises,dealers n exporters of silver n pearls.  

Number 8 * D day does not fetch any noteworthy change in ur status.Daily targets will be managed in a routine way.Try to avoid indulgence in administrative rifts n ego conflicts.  

Number 9 * D day is smooth going for u,without any remarkable change in ur status.Just focus on daily targets n relax.Try to devote sometime to long pending social visits.