Monday, 6 March 2017



Number 1, 10, 19, 28
 Strictly avoid indulgence in ego rifts and be more cautious in driving too. You might gain from friends and foreign links today .Dealers and exporters of cement, sports material, music instruments , mercury and ash will be better gainers.

Number 2,11, 20, 29
You will gain favour from luck and your personal efforts will be greatly rewarding too. Domestic, social and professional liabilities will be smoothly discharged. Spiritual mentors, media, journalists, architects, cosmetic surgeons, dealers of iron, automobiles, petrol, gold, property, sports material, black and golden colored objects will be better gainers. You will enjoy spiritual inclination of mind.

Number 3, 12, 21, 30
 Domestic and professional liabilities will be smoothly discharged and social say will be better .Favourable day for research scholars of occult studies, religion and philosophy. Dealers of gold, property, petrol, vehicles, diamonds, printing ink, coal and iron will be better gainers. You might face some tension due to hindrance in mobility plans.

Number 4, 13, 22, 31
 Strictly avoid indulgence in administrative rifts and ego conflicts. Be more attentive in driving too.Care for viewpoint of your elders and seniors and try to follow policy of co ordination and co operation.  You might love to spend time with guests and kids. Avail your foreign links today

Number 5, 14, 23
 Keep a check on your mercury mind and care for feelings of your seniors and elders. Be more careful in driving too. Attend to your intuitions and rely on your calculative ability too. Pediatricians, psychiatrists and physiotherapists will gain recognition today.

Number 6, 15, 24
 The day is neutral for you and your daily targets will be achieved in a routine way. Interior decorators, architects, dealers of domestic utility items, gold and property will be better gainers. Social and literary circle will enhance.

Number 7, 16, 25
 You will enjoy an assertive status today and your say will matter in domestic as well as professional issues. Spiritual inclination of mind will be greater with bright chances for pilgrimage too. Dealers of diamond, fuel, automobiles, sports material, iron, gold and property, cement and mercury will enjoy more gains.

Number 8, 17, 26
You will be dominating in professional as well as domestic issues today. Spiritual inclination of mind and interest in occult studies will be keener today. Surgeons, media, architects, road builders, transporters, dealers of gold, diamond, petrol, iron and automobiles will gain more.

Number 9, 18, 27
 Your spiritual inclination of mind will be keener. Some auspicious ceremony is likely to be performed at home. Vastu consultants, future tellers, spiritual mentors, dealers of gold, diamonds and property will be in more gainful status. Avoid mobility and putting money in circulation