Wednesday, 8 March 2017



Number 1, 10, 19, 28
 The day boosts your passion for leadership,charity, social service and travel to foreign lands. You might be benefited by friends n foreign links. Fine day for moving abroad for management studies, export expansion and for sending cultural and political delegations. You might feel lack of cordiality in your relations with spouse.

Number 2, 11, 20, 29
The day is smooth sailing for attainment of daily targets. By grace of luck, you might gain unexpected favour from friends, guests and foreign links. Financial status will be sound. Psychiatrists, pediatricians, event managers, fashion glamour world will more enjoy the favour of stars.

Number 3,12, 21, 30
The day is neutral for your personal attainments. In spite of meager financial resources and some anxieties, your daily targets will be attained. You will badly miss someone who is away from you right now.

Number 4, 13, 22, 31
 Avoid indulgence in administrative rifts and ego conflicts. Well plan your budget. Extravagance might lead to dispute with your spouse. Pay a deaf ear to gossip mongers. You will love to spend time with your kids and guests.

Number 5,14, 23
Attend to your intuitions and rely on your calculative abilities too. Fine day for expansion of export business, event management, choreography, sports events and for availing loans for studies abroad.

Number 6, 15, 24
 D day is smooth sailing for u n ur financial status will be better today.Fashion n glamour world,sexologists,beauticians,cosmeticians n dealers of brown colored objects will gain better.

Number 7, 16, 25 Ur personal attainments won't be very noteworthy, but luck will favour you a lot. Avail your foreign links today and attend to your intuitions .Make optimum use of your calculative skills. Fine day for tourism and hospitality services.

Number 8, 17, 26
 Strictly avoid indulgence in administrative rifts and ego conflicts. Assure purity of milk products before consuming. Dealers of white colored objects might face some slack today.

Number 9, 18, 27
The day is neutral for your personal attainments. Due to lack of financial resources, you might be a bit upset today. Don't borrow; manage with whatever resources you have at your disposal. Some defamation is likely today. Maintain a dignified gap from gossip mongers.