Wednesday, 29 March 2017



Number 1, 10, 19, 28
 The day is neutral for personal attainments. Daily targets will be achieved in routine way. Dicey day for new ventures. Some defamation is also likely. Avoid extravagance as it might lead to rift with your spouse.

Number 2, 11, 20, 29
 The day is neutral for personal attainments, but luck will fetch you some bounties. Social and financial status will be more solid. You will have say in domestic and vocational issues. Fine day for fashion and glamour world, dealers of diamond and ethnic jewelry, petrol and printing ink. Media ,art critics and spiritual mentors will be more influential today.

Number 3, 12, 21, 30
 Personal efforts won't cause any noteworthy change in your status, but due to favour of luck, your social and professional status will be smoother and your prestige will enhance. Dealers of black colored objects, petrol and vehicles will be better gainers.

Number 4, 13, 22, 31
 The day makes you inclined towards adventures, innovations and experiments. You will love to be a trend setter. Some defamation is likely. Try to maintain a dignified gap from gossip mongers.Also,  keep a check on your ego.

Number 5, 14, 23
Your professional liabilities will be smoothly discharged. Avoid indulgence in ego rifts. Be more careful in driving too. Care for viewpoint of your seniors and elders.

Number 6, 15, 24
Personal efforts won't be very rewarding. Luck brings you some unexpected financial gains and name. Fashion and glamour world, artists, curators, dealers of brown colored objects and leather accessories will gain more today. Relations with spouse will be more cordial.

Number 7, 16, 25
 The day does nit fetch any noteworthy change in your status due to personal efforts, but luck stabilizes your social and professional position today. Fine day for art critics, media, fashion designers, sexologists and cosmeticians.

Number 8, 17, 26
 Keep a check on ego and avoid indulgence in administrative conflicts and heated discussions. Spiritual inclination of mind will be greater. Social prestige will enhance. Media ,architects, diamond and fuel dealers will earn better.

Number 9,18, 27
The day is routine one for you. Daily targets will be smoothly attained. You will be more inclined towards study of occult sciences, religion and philosophy, vastu and future telling. Fine day for media, architects, petrol,vehicle and diamond dealers.